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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The madness continues...

Yesterday as I passed one of our lady's with Alzheimer's walking with her caregiver, we started chatting:

OT:  "Hallo Mrs H, are you talking a walk?"

Mrs H:  "Well, I have been walking, haven't I?"

OT:  "Yes you have" :)

Mrs H:  "I'm just like Felix, you know."

OT:  "Felix the cat?"

Mrs H: "No, Felix man.  That person with hair over here and here"  pointing to different parts of her body. "You know, Felix.  Sometimes you see him and sometimes you don't"

OT:  "I'm not so sure I know Felix Mrs H"

Mrs H:  "You do know him. I know you know him.  It's like they sing in that old English song..." she breaks into song and dance "Felix, Felix hu hu ha ha Felix Felix ho ho he he"

OT: really intrigued by this Felix song "I will go look for this song and then hopefully we can sing it together when I see you again?"

Mrs H: "That will be wonderful.  I can read music you know..."

OT:  "Well, let's hope I find it then.  Enjoy your walk Mrs H. See you tomorrow."

Mrs H:  "Thank you"

She walks off, mumbling to her caregiver;  "Who the hell was that?!"

* I couldn't find an old English song with Felix in it anywhere.  I did however find out that Felix the Cat is indeed from the very early days of television.  I will try and find that song and see if it brings back any memories.  Read more about Felix's history here.

Do you have any special memories of Felix the Cat?

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