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Sunday, January 13, 2013

New York Day 1

I will do a few blog updates about our time in New York and Paris.  Hope you enjoy it :)

 Desember 24th 

 We are in New York!!!!

Our first experience of Macy's on Christmas Eve - maybe not such a good idea

 I love their old escalators :)

Want to send some mail to Santa Clause?

 Then we went to Times Square. Craziest place I have ever been to, but pretty cool I must admit...

You never know who you might find walking in the streets

Jaco trying to convince me to move to New York :)

The Rockefeller Center 

Ice-skating craziness

One day when we grow up, this is where Jaco wants to hang out:  Saks 

Grand Central Station

What a beautiful station.  You can actually entertain yourself there for hours.  There is even a food market and lots of restaurants   

Wall Street - where everything happens...

Wall Street Christmas Tree and someone who looks like my brother - even though he won't believe me.  We always find someone that looks like him and this one I only realised afterwards. 

We had to go visit Tiffany's from one of my favourite movies, which is also on Wall Street

Not so sure who can afford to buy any jewelry here, eish...

The only thing I wanted to buy, but it was sadly not for sale

A view of one of the new World Trade Centers.  They are building four apparently.  This one is the biggest one and they are almost done with it.  

A beautiful artwork in memory of 9/11 which was made for the St Paul's Cathedral across from where the Twin Towers used to be.

Okay, so it is really beautiful here, even if it is a city :)

You can go nuts with all the different views even if your not a professional photographer :)  Maybe that's why I have almost 2000 photos.  

A less glamorous sign to a glorious piece of architectural wonder

I couldn't stop taking photos of the bridge

The views are unbelievable from here

One of my favourite photos. Santa Clause crossing the bridge...

I love watching people on the subway and stealing a photo occasionally...

Passing Macy's again on our way to the hotel. 

Tip of the day:  When eating a Christmas Eve dinner at Applebee's because you didn't book somewhere and couldn't get place anywhere else, stick to the Sangria's (which are amazing) and the Nacho's Starter (which is enough to feed an army) and the view of Times Square and don't still order main meals (which really weren't too nice) and remember that VAT of 7 something % and a gratuity of 20 % will still be added and leave you broke :)


  1. dit lyk glad nie soos ek nie haha

  2. Jy lees my blog :) yay. Dit was net `n toets...

  3. Cities are SO expensive, aren't they! We who live in the middle of the US are always shocked going to a big city on the east or west coast. You can't get out your hotel room door without 5 dollars flying out of your pocket for no reason at all! One must just know that in advance and plan for it otherwise it's not so fun.

    1. We learnt the hard way :) But by the 3rd day we were much better and able to stick to our budget without too many surprises... When we went on a trip outside New York,we bought a whole basket full of random things at a Dollar General which was the same amount of money as 2 snacks in Manhattan. he he