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Monday, January 28, 2013

How to be a chartered accountant...

Today I was busy with one of my resident's nail care when we had the following discussion.

H:  Do you know what the job requirements are to be a chartered accountant?

Me:  I don't believe I do H, do you know?

H:  Yes I do. Let me tell you.

You need to be charming
You need to be elegant
You need to be dignified
You need to have integrity.
And you need the wisdom of a chartered accountant.

Me:  Wow, that sounds like great qualities to have H.

H:  You cannot be a chartered accountant without it.  My husband had all those qualities and he was the best chartered accountant I have ever known.

I think we can all strive in whatever occupation we do to have these qualities.  Maybe just wisdom in a different area :)

Here are some interesting mind maps of famous people's qualities done by Mind Map Inspiration.  A really cool site if you like mind maps.

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