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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Why do people get so excited about the New Year.  Seriously, if you think about it it's just another day.  Tomorrow I will feel exactly the way I feel tonight.  Won't I? 

But then as the sms pointed out that my special friend send to me...

A New Year is about HOPE.

Because, maybe this year will be special.  Just maybe it will be filled with magical moments and lots of special things. Maybe some of my dreams will come true.  Maybe I will be less sad sometimes.  Maybe it will be the best year of my life


Sweet Kisses

Seeing that these days I don't feel too inspired to write (end-of-year-syndrome?), I keep on getting ideas from other blogs :)

I saw this cute post on Lipgloss Kisses on favourite kisses from movies and TV shows and thought I would share my favourite kissing moments.  I had so many when I was young and still dreaming about my first kiss. I struggled to remember them in the end.  he he.  So, it would be nice if you comment and share some of your favourite kissing moments too :) 

Here we go...

1.  Pam and Jim's first kiss in The Office (if you are not familiar with this series, please do yourself a favour - definately my favourite comedy show).  The jokes are really bad (as in inapropriate), but extremely funny, the developing love story between Pam and Jim is very cute, Steve Carell shows just what a brilliant actor he is, seeing as you kind of hate him and love him at the same time, and the timing is everything in this show.

Seth and Summer's first kiss in The OC.  I was definately going to go with the upside down spiderman kiss, because I thought it was so cute and so perfect for Seth who is this total graphic novel geek.  But Jaco convinced me that their first kiss was better and I agree :)  Summer wants Seth to introduce her to all the hot, rich guys and totally ignoring him otherwise and then the following conversation takes place...

Summer Roberts: What are you doing? I need you to introduce me to...

Seth Cohen: Hey, you know what Summer? No.

Summer Roberts: What?

Seth Cohen: All you've done this whole evening is use me to meet rich, older guys.

Summer Roberts: Ok, that is not true

[Seth looks at her]

Summer Roberts: Ok, maybe a little.

Seth Cohen: Do you have any idea how depressing it is to listen to you babbling away about mergers and acquisitions while some guy just stares at your boobs?

Summer Roberts: Which guy was staring at my boobs?

Seth Cohen: Who cares. The point is that none of those guys really knows you. They don't care about who you really are. In fact, I'll bet they have no idea that every day of third grade you shared your lunch with that little skinny squirrel who kept getting his nuts stolen by that big fat squirrel.

Summer Roberts: I hated that mean squirrel.

Seth Cohen: And, none of those guys was there the day you had to read your poem aloud in class and your hand was shaking because you were so nervous and you cared what the other kids thought.

Summer Roberts: Poem? What poem?

Seth Cohen: "I... wish I was a mermaid"

Summer Roberts: You remember that? That must've been, like, sixth grade.

Seth Cohen: "I wish I was a mermaid, and friends with all the fish, a shiny tail and seashells, that's-

[Summer kisses him]

Seth Cohen: what I would wish"

The Little Mermaid - My favourite almost kiss.  How can you not love this moment.  Everybody wants Ariel and Eric to kiss soooo badly.  I was sitting at the edge of my seat when I was a little girl, waiting for the kiss to happen that will break the spell.  And then just before it happens, the freaken boat falls over...  And the song...Kiss the Girl, will always be one of my favourite Disney Movie Songs.

Enchanted:  From the one fairy tale to the next.  This is one of my favourite movies ever.  It captured everything of how I would like life to be like, how I would still love people to see the world and that innocence that is present throughout the whole movie, that I wish we didn't have to loose so soon in our lives...(and hey, the fact that Giselle gets to kiss McDreamy, is also something that adds to the magic:))

I also loved the kiss between Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribean - Dead Man's Chest.  Okay, so he is dirty and his teeth is blackish and his breath probably smells, but jeewizz he is hot in those movies.  I would kiss him any day...

To go to a bit of an older movie - My favorite old movie has to feature:  Breakfast at Tiffany'sAudrey Hepburn is so beautiful and it's such a cute scene in the rain and there is a cat...


You cannot have a post about kisses and not mention this scene from A Lot Like Love.  Even though I'm not that much into girly movies anymore, I really think this is such a cute movie and I love the naked kissing scene... Maybe I will try it once :) he he

Love Actually:  Since this is my favourite movie (ever) I will put up two kisses...

  • Colin Firth (Jamie) and the Portuguese girl  (Aurelia) who he barely knows, but it's oh-so-romantic...(did I mention I find him extremely attractive, and to kiss someone from another language, who you don't know, but feel something so deep that your willing to give up your life as you know it...well, isn't that just what (the fantasty of) love is all about...)

  • The kiss between David (Hugh Grant) and Natalie behind the curtains when they think nobody can see them and then the curtains open and everybody sees them.  So cute :)

*Video  (it's in there somewhere, closer to the end :)

Recent kisses:  How I Met Your Mother:  Season 7, when Robin and Barney finally kisses again.  I really like those two together and I love the show.  I can watch it over and over again...It makes me feel happy:)

Drive:  I just went to watch this movie two nights ago, but I thought the kiss should feature on my blog.  Seeing that people might think I'm crazy for not putting up The Notebook kiss (sorry, I'm not the biggest fan), I figured putting another Ryan Gosling kiss up, will do the trick:)  Hectic, intense and brilliant movie...

And then my number 1 kiss:  Yes, I'm corny and too girly, but hey, I can't help it...Luke and Lorelai in Gilmore Girls.  I waited sooooo long for them to get together and it will always be my favourite series ever.  And it is such a sweet first kiss. 

It's New Year's Eve.  Do remember to kiss somebody at midnight, or at least...dream about it.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tired Thursday (weekend please come)

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