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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rest for my soul

There is no place in the world that is more beautiful to me than the Freestate.  Especially where I grew up, on a farm close to Steynsrus (some would call it "The Middle of Nowhere").  People don't understand this or agree with me most of the time and they actually think I'm a bit crazy :)  But my opinion will never change...

I think its the simplicity of the beauty that draws me.  There are no extravagant mountains.  There are no waterfalls or huge trees that makes it special.  Only golden  fields that stretches out as far as the eye can see and here and there a small farm house and some cows.

It is here where I find rest for my soul.  And I will always return to the place where I grew up...

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Before we packed up our lives and moved to Mauritius, we made a few pit stops to say goodbye to special people. 

One of the pit stops was in the Cape to visit a few very special friends of ours.  On  a road trip with my friend and her fiancĂ©, we discovered... Scarborough.  This is were you will find Jaco and me in 40 years time when we are both retired :) 

Here are some of the photos:

A Wikipedia description of Scarborough: 

Scarborough is a town situated on the Cape Peninsula to the South of Cape Town in South Africa.This town was designated as a conservation village in April 1996, defined as "a residential area of limited extent, surrounded by a conserved natural landscape, committed to reverse past environmental damage and to avoid future environmental impacts."

Why are we moving to Mauritius again - white sandy beaches are right here... (oh yes, maybe to save enough money to retire in Scarborough one day)


A friendship that has stood the test of time (16 years and counting)



Can you see our little house hidden in there somewhere? 
What a beautiful beautiful country we live in...

Friday, June 7, 2013

New Life

I have been completely of the grid since February and has really missed blogging... However since there was some life-changing events happening (like the possibility of moving to Mauritius and then the possibility becoming a reality and then deciding whether we want to move to Mauritius and then working really hard to get things in place at my work before leaving them and then basically packing up our lives and moving to Mauritius...), I do hope you will forgive my abscense from the blog world.

So yes, I am writing this post from the beautiful Mauritius (or Paradise Island as called by some people) and I am still not even sure if I am really here or if it is a dream...   And I'm also not sure yet what kind of dream it is - something between really exciting and adventorous and very scary and very weird :) 

So, I will be doing some Mauritius posts soon.  To share what I am learning here and how to survive in Mauritius as a complete stranger.  he he

But I thought before I start with the Mauritius posts, I will do one or two South African ones, so that everyone can see just why I am going to miss South Africa and my special people in it so so much...

Hope to do a bit more of blogging in the future... If there is anyone out there that still reads my blog - hallo and...