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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New York, Day 3, 4 and 5

Our somewhat-dodgy trip to Niagara Falls

Knowing that I would not survive too many days only in a big city like NY, Jaco organized a trip for us to the Niagara Falls.  We left early morning from our pick-up in China Town.  We started our morning with coffee and questionable pies. And a fear that we might never return, but we did :) 

Here are some photos of our awesome trip :)

The journey begins

Some beautiful scenery on the road

 Lunch in New Baltimore at a rest-stop

 First stop was a random place with caves that cows discovered a long time ago which has a waterfall inside. Here we saw lots and lots of snow.


 A wishing well inside the cave.  

Jaco and I posing at what is called the Mini Niagara 

 Don't you think snow makes everything magical?

 I love this random sign

 Jaco standing on a frozen lake

 More beautiful scenery on the road

By the time we stopped for dinner, we were in the middle of a mild snow storm

Us crossing the road towards a tiny light we saw, hoping it will be other food than a Chinese Buffet

We found a diner with awesome food for half the price of Chinese Buffet :)

When we finally got to our hotel in Niagara, we went out into the cold for the night view of the falls... Here are a few street lamps...you know I love them

The night view... Very cold as you can imagine... Also not so visible on photos

Next morning we were up early and went for a visit to Fort Niagara. What a beautiful place filled with history, which you can read up about right here.  

A really beautiful, really cold experience

 The day view of Niagara Falls.  Definitely worth the drive...

Jaco leaning towards Canada

 An autumn tree 

 The mighty Niagara River and we got to walk right next to it

Then we were on our way to Washington to our hotel.  We had a few random stops including a power vista and a glass museum., but very enjoyable...

 Our visit to the President.  I rang the bell, but no-one answered sadly :)

 A view of the Washington monument and a Christmas tree

The Lincoln Memorial 

The one and only Abe 

 Jaco admiring the view 

 A walk in the park

After that we went on a boat trip in and around Washington which was pretty awesome (and also freezing)

Relaxing at Capital Hill 

Then we went to the Smithsonian Space Museum which was also very cool.  And then we ended off the trip with a 3 hour detour to Philadelphia where we had 20 minutes to buy a cold drink and take some photos.  

Independence Hall 

We had lots of fun and got to see amazing things.  

Tip of the day (or trip):  Don't eat McDonald's crispy chicken salad at the Smithsonian Space Museum - it will make you feel sick the rest of the long bus trip (with detours and all) back to New York...

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