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Monday, January 14, 2013

New York Day 2

Christmas in New York

Jaco wondering if he's been doing it wrong all these years

Mad Men hang around here 

We went to a beautiful service at St Patrick's Cathedral on Christmas morning (which they are currently restoring as you can see on the photo). We were the only people in the church who listened when they said that you can't have communion if you are not Catholic...

Another beautiful building across the street and of course many yellow taxi's 

Difficult to walk with sooooo many people

I love this photo :)

Getting closer to Central Park

I wish we have parks like these in South Africa

Sharing a hot chocolate with my favourite person in Central Park (we had to stick to a budget okay)

I love these carriages, so vintage 

On our way around the park

Beautiful views from our carriage 

Freezing temperatures 

Doesn't this look like a scene from a movie? :)

We took a long walk back down Park Avenue, much more peaceful without all the tourists

I love lamp

A few shops we dare not enter

All you need is LOVE 

The hotel where we had our Christmas Dinner (we couldn't afford Brunch which is apparently big in New York)  This hotel is famous for having guests like Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley and many more.

We had a lovely peaceful Christmas Day in New York.  But I did miss my family lots and I definitely don't want to go away for Christmas soon again...

Tip of the day:  Wear your long underwear when going to Central Park when it is freezing outside...


  1. WOW! Al wat ek kan sê is WOW! Love jou blog x

    1. Sjoe, dit was `n awesome verassing om `n comment van iemand nuuts af te kry :) Baie dankie! Ek waardeer dit so baie...

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I love New York anytime of year but Christmas is especially magical. Snow would have made it even more so! Last time I was there it was summer and all those bundled up people were in shorts & tank tops and stylish short dresses. They were more fun to look at then! haha

    1. I love snow :) we don't get to see it too much this side. But we had a little bit on Christmas Eve and then lots on our trip to Niagara Falls and then again when we got back for one day. So, we were very happy. Well, some of those people still had short dresses on in the freezing cold and didn't look at all like a stuffed toy the way I did. he he

    2. Some women will suffer for fashion and wear barely nothing no matter what the temps! I am glad you had snow!