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Friday, January 11, 2013

A very belated review...

How can I possibly start the New Year without a review of 2012  We after all learn from our past experiences, successes and failures, don't we :) So here goes...

What I've learnt in 2012:
  • It's amazing being married, but also very hard work.  You have to completely adapt to another person's style and needs without completely changing who you are.  You have to communicate even though sometimes you don't even feel like speaking to each other.  And most of all; you have to pray every day for your marriage, because without God, no marriage can be successful...
  • It's amazing being married :)  So, if your willing to do the hard work and you really chose the right person, your love grows every day.  You get more and more excited to finish a day's work so that you can spend time with that person in the place you've made a home together.  You get to know each other even better and even though sometimes it's scary, mostly it's wonderful.  You realise day after day that you've married the right person, who makes you happy, makes you laugh (even if it is only the day after), who share personal jokes with you and who makes you feel safe when the world doesn't make sense anymore... I definitely recommend getting married to the right person when you have the chance :)

  • I love travelling.  The world is so big and if you are lucky enough to be in a position to travel, your life get enriched in so many ways.  I have seen the most wonderful things this year and experienced so many amazing moments that are hard to explain to other people.  I would much rather have less earthly possessions and be able to say one day that I've seen the world.  And I am lucky to have married someone who feels the same...

  • Our own country brings rest to my soul like no other place do.  Living in Johannesburg is not always easy for a farm girl, but you get used to it after a while and you forget a little bit how much you miss nature.  Going on a 5 day road trip through the Freestate, up the Drakensberg and into Kwazulu Natal has definitely reminded me just how much I miss being in nature.  We have a beautiful country, which I haven't even explored half off and before I see the world, I also want to just see South Africa with it's vast diversity, rich culture and beautiful landscapes.  I am proudly South African and no matter what happens in my future, I will always be.

  • It's okay to change your opinion about God and Christianity as long as your beliefs stay the same. And even though this is scary, if you allow God to show you, instead of people who have decided that their own opinion and view of God is more important than yours...then you will realise that your opinion matters too.  It matters to God.  He made us all with different views and opinions and perceptions and backgrounds and characteristics and personalities.  Surely He knew we would sometimes understand Him in different ways.  And once you realise that, you can be okay with the questions in your heart, the things you don't understand and you can just focus on what He wants you to hear and understand and know and you can show His love to the people around you, because that truly is the only way God can be visible in a world where we sometimes struggle to see Him.  

A few Favourites from 2012
  • Favourite movies:  
    • Drive
    • Beast of the Southern Wild
    • Moonrise Kingdom
    • Warrior (which I started in 2012 and finished in 2013.  Probably the movie that made me cry the most ever and I still don't actually know why...maybe it's the song, but it's probably more than that)
  • Favourite songs:
    • Real Hero - College & Electric Youth
    • Oh Marcello - Regina Spektor
    • About Today - The National (song from the Warrior)
    • Grace - Michael W Smith 
  • Favourite moments
    • Saving all year for our couches and that feeling when we could finally afford to buy them
    • Fighting with my mom about silly stuff and having my husband explain to us both why we are really fighting and showing how good he knows us
    • Hearing (on different occasions) that my two special friends are pregnant
    • Hearing two very special people who deserves so much happiness are engaged
    • Drinking wine and talking nonsense (on many different occasions) with my best friend and her husband 
    • Hearing the crackling sound of the first vinyl we listened to on our vinyl player
    • Most moments with my favourite person in the world
Hope you had a wonderful 2012 and may you have many magical moments in the New Year!!! 

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  1. I’ve found marriage to be quite easy – no work involved at all 

    Jokes aside, 2012 was a great year (except maybe the Blue Bulls, they were disappointing), of which being married to my wife was the best part. Sharing special moments, supporting each other through tough times; a privilege and an honour. Can’t wait for 2013.

    And travelling is great! Especially if you have someone to share in the sights, smells and joys of different places.

    By the way, I like your movie choices, though I would have added Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (known in some remote areas as Tinker Tinker Tonker Tonker)…