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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Psych-up Mix

Thought I would share my psych-up mix that my bridesmaid asked me to compile for whatever reason (I'm guessing P-A-R-T-Y)

  • You Shook Me All Night Long  -  ACDC (you got to have an ACDC song)
  • Sweet About Me  -  Gabrielle (I love this song))
  • Supermassive Black Hole -  Muse  (not that I'm saying there is going to be strippers, but this is the ultimate stripper/pole-dancing song)
  • Where's Your Head At  -  Basement Jaxx  (reminds me of my student party life)
  • Yobayo  -  Unknown Artist  (this is to satisfy the black lady in me  - although my good friend Mo told me this has a more Pretoria than Garankuwa vibe, which is apparently not a good thing)
  • I Touch Myself  -  Divinyls  ("Sexy Girl" song)
  • Cherry Bomb  -  The Runaways  (Not such a famous party/psych-up song, but after I watched the movie about Joan Jett and The Runaways, I was hooked on the song)
  • Pop Goes The World  - Men Without Hats  (this song is just so easy to sing-a-long to:  come on, I know you want to  -"la la la la la la")
  • I Got A Feeling  -  Black Eyed Peas  (...that tonight's gonna be a good night...)
  • Red Red Wine  -  Neil Diamond  (slightly different than the more well-known UB40 version, this is for when we have lots of red red wine start contemplating life)
  • One Way Or Another  -  Blondie  (guess I just had to have a Blondie song)
  • The Passenger  -  Iggy Pop  (well, it's the sock song, from the add that shows where all the missing socks go  - to the beach for a sock party offcourse.  I love the feeling off the song...We are all just passengers, riding along the journey of life...)
  • Stereolove  -  Edward Mayer  (this songs just makes me want to dance)
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun  -  Cindy Lauper  (ultimate girl's night song)
  • Love Is Only A Feeling  -  The Darkness  (what a wonderful feeling and an awesome song)
  • Live Your Life  -  Rihanna  (I need a bit of Rihanna for a great night)
  • The Middle  -  Jimmy Eat World  (my ultimate jumpupanddowntothemusic song)
  • I Know You Want Me  -  Pitbul  (such a cheeky and fun song)
  • Numb  -  JayZ/Linkin Park  (screamatthetopofyourvoicesong)
  • Candyshop  -  50 Cents  (to add a little naughty to the evening)
  • Laid  -  James  (well, this is one of me and my fiance's songs, so it had to feature) 
With this mix  -  I am ready for whatever comes my way:)

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