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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My random friend

My random friend's sayings:
  • You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours
  • Catheters are lovely
  • I would just like to add my 2 cents
  • I've got a virgin hangover (when you did not drink at all, but got no sleep due to talking with your friend till 2 o' clock in the morning)
  • I'm not an Indian, I'm an African (when people confuse my Malay friend for being an Indian)
  • Sweet dreams are made of Cheese
  • I like to doodle
  • It's my surname, it makes the men go a little whoo hoo.
What I love about her...
  • She is miniature, but very strong.
  • She always says what is on her mind
  • She needs a GPS when she is in a mall
  • She gets my randomness

My favourite moment with her was when she tried to convince a mother that her baby's name was not Domingo and that she should stop reading her surname on her name tag.  She even covered her name tag with her hand and ask the mother to now say the baby's name.  Unfortunately the answer was still Domingo, as was the baby's name...


  1. HAhahaha!!! Awwwww- our lil nadolkie :) I love her toooo!

  2. Thank you my random friend! This is my favourite post so far because it is so funny and so special. I completely forgot about that Domingo baby incident. Good you reminded me as it was very funny! Yes I will always scratch your back.