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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Believing like a child

I might not be the best person to tell you about God.  I don't always do the right thing, even though I really try my best to do it.  I can't believe that some of the most precious people in my life will not go to heaven, because of the fact that their believes are different than mine.  I also don't try to convert these people to my religion, which is frowned upon by many people in my life.  I see the more loving side of God, rather than His righteous side, which I hope He can forgive me for, because I don't know how else to believe.  I don't talk about God as much as I should, as I try to show God to people through loving them and not judging them, rather than giving testimonies.  So, basically I am not the model Christian.  There is so much I need to work on and change in my life. 

What I do know is this:

  • Jesus is my King and through Him is the only way I can understand God completely
  • Believing like a child helps me to get through life.  I do not understand everything.  So many things in life is unfair and makes me sad.  I have so many friends who I love dearly that doesn't believe the same as me and sometimes this confuse me.  But the Bible told me to believe like a child and that's what I am doing.  God knows best.  I don't have to solve life's problems.  I will just keep on trying to show people His love and believe in my God who takes care of me everyday...


  1. "I might not be the best person to tell you about God."

    As I've said before, I have not met anyone whose manner of relating to others more exemplifies the love and compassion of the Lord. Simply put, my dear, your life and love for others tells me more about God, than a month of sermons.

    The grace of God is sufficient for all. To live by that grace, to follow the example set by Jesus, is a daily challenge no one has perfected, and we should all work on. God is great and unexplained. He is love and righteousness, yes, but so much more. His being transcends human thought, and I do not believe that the human mind can comprehend His way.

    All of which means that I think you are right. All that remains is belief. Let God worry about the rest.

  2. ek trou met die slimste prediker/prokureur...