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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Whole New World

Today we had a group where the oldies had to identify different flags around the world and then search for it on the world map. 
This lead to some interesting conversations:

OT:  Which country's flag is this?

Mrs J:  "Well... (thinking very hard), if there is black in the flag, then it is always an African country"
OT:  "It's Palestine's flag"
Mrs J:  "Well, I'll be damned.  And with such a big stripe of black"

OT: (after showing the Russian flag) "What language do most people in Russia speak?"
Mr B:  "Italian"

OT:  (showing China's flag):  "Which country's flag is this?"
Mr J:  "China!"
OT:  "Well done Mr J!  Can you tell us anything else about China?"
Mr J:  "They populate like fleas"

OT:  "What is the capital city of Denmark?"
Mr S:  "You should ask Hitler?"
OT:  "Why, did he come from Denmark?"
Mr S:  "No, but he knows everything..."

Then to add to the previous conversation:

Mrs N:  "Yes Hitler, I knew him well.  After he did so many horrible things, I decided to act up against him.  I went to all the countries around the world and taught the people how to hug, so that they can learn to love rather than to hate.  I wouldn't say I changed the world, but if you think about it...there's never been a World War III."

OT:  Speechless as usual

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  1. This is hilarious! Old people and psyc people are some of the most insightful beings you will ever meet. I'm sure of it.