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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Hobbies

I have recently (and actually not-so-recently) started to invest in two hobbies:

  1. Photography (not-so-recently, I actually started just before my 24th birthday when I got my fancy camera from Jaco)
  2. Cooking and baking (recently, like since I got married)
I love taking photos and I really wish I was better at it.  I just took normal photos of everyone around me and with get-togethers and gatherings, and wildlife when I got the chance.  But for my 27th (eish) birthday, I got a photography book which seems to be very informative and I really hope to go to a course later in the year or early in next year...

So, according to the book, I should take photos of everything and everyone from different angles and in different lights and basically get a new computer with better colours and obviously get something like photoshop, so I've still got lots to do and learn. 

But I think from now on, I will just take millions of photos and upload it and you will just have to bare with it :)  Untill I become better at it.

My second hobbie, cooking and baking is not one that I give a lot of attention to yet. I just love the feeling of making a nice supper for Jaco or baking muffins or trying out something new.  Luckily I've got lots of recipes and I am aslo following a lovely baking blog. Just lacking the lots-of-time aspect still :)

Normally I have way too many hobbies at the same time and I end up watching series instead:) 

But these are the two I plan to focus on in 2012.

This is what I aspire to...

*Image from Flicr, posted by Ancalop.

And this...

*Image from Blog:  Life beyond cupcakes.  


  1. Ahhhhhh! Sounds like things I would definately like to do as well! Hoping to buy me a fancy camera for the quarter-life birthday coming up! :) so we can go mad together!!!

  2. You are good at cooking and photographing so you must have learnt something so far. 1/4 life crisis Roomie!