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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monday oh Monday

I really hate Mondays.  I wish I could skip Monday every week, but I guess then I will just hate Tuesdays.
I especially hate Mondays if I had an awesome weekend (party, good friends, champagne cupcakes, relaxed Sunday doing absolutely nothing and realising I love doing absolutely nothing with the one I love...)...

But this morning I decided to try and have a better Monday.

So I made the following changes:
  • I snoozed 30 minutes instead of 45 minutes (small steps okay)
  • I decided to take all the leftover champagne cupcakes to work instead of eating them at home the whole week.  (then at least my colleagues have to be friendly with me right?)
  •  I put my radio on Classical FM on my way to work instead of the normal sounds of 5FM)
  • I decided to love Monday instead of hating it and ignore the fact that I am tired and do not want to be at work and want to lie in my bed and snooze the whole day, possibly the whole week. 
So far it's going great...But then, it is only 08h42...

Happy Monday!


  1. For me it is the anticipation of monday - sunday evenings (help!). I always get the sunday evening blues...and then I usually go into denial and stay up way to late..and then on Monday I am tired and cranky.

  2. hehe! sounds like we all should do something like this to improve blue mondays! lovveee it :)

  3. Sunday blues are the worst!!!!! I either go to bed early because I'm feeling miserable or I also stay up way too late:)

    Mondays really get to me Mee Bee, had to do something :)

  4. I know the feeling. Cute pics/quotes. ;)

  5. Love that picture! So cute...