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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gloomy Friday

here lies Charlene van Zyl (formerly Richards)
(sometimes) loving wife, daugther and friend
cause of death: realising that she failed miserably at trying to make the world a better place
in the end she proved to be a real human being


  1. This makes me sad lienkie! your friendship has certainly made a greater difference in my life which in a way has made the world a better place because you have made one person very happy!!! :) you alwyas make a difference to the world, your amazing! luviess xx

  2. You are so sweet Mee Bee. My gloomy side came out a bit. But at least it only lasted for a day and it was Friday, the 13th after all :)

  3. You make a difference to my life everyday! And I'm very certain that is true for the lives of many others.

    Anyway, won't do you any good to try and get away. Cause I'll find you...

  4. I think you ALWAYS are a loving wife, daughter and friend.