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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Serpent what?

We were busy with a group yesterday - Musical Balloons :)  As soon as a person caught the balloon and the music stopped, they had to answer a question about themselves.

OT:  Mr B, you caught the balloon, it's your turn to answer a question.
Mr B:  Okay dear, ask me anything...
OT:  What is your favourite animal?
Mr B:  Oh, that's easy.  Snakes off course.
Mr J:  Snakes!!!
Mr B:  Yes, I'm a serpentologist.  I've got 5 pofadders in my cupboard. 
OT:  5 Pofadders in  your cupboard?
Mr B:  (now getting a sly look on his face) "Yes dear, why do you think my cupboard is always locked..."

I must admit, even though this is highly unlikely, I think I might stay out of his room for a while...


  1. Yikes, that does sound a little creepy..

    Though I suppose its better that he tells you about the pofadder in his cupboard, rather than the python in his pocket...