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Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY with the Van Zyl's

Yesterday we moved and we did it all by ourselves :)  (with this statement off course I mean without any parentals.  We had the help of two very strong guys and a maid that made the move a little less difficult)

What I can say about moving:  IT IS NOT EASY!

I went to bed half past 12, with my back in all sort of spasms, but with at least a presentable living area and a semi-usable kitchen.  We won't speak about the bedrooms yet:)

I also discovered (not that I didn't kind of know this before) that my husband is not the handyman type. When we had to eventually take the dish off the wall, we had the following conversation:

Jaco:  "I need you to go buy me a spanner at the hardware shop"
Me:  "Where's your spanner?"
Jaco:  "I don't have a spanner"
Me:  "What type of spanner do you need?"
Jaco:  "Something between the number 10 and 15.  Or maybe a multi-tool of some sort if they've got"
Me:  "Don't you think it will be better if you had a toolbox for these kind of things"
Jaco:  "I guess.  Maybe my wife will buy me a toolbox"
Me:  "Okay, I will"
Jaco:  "Can it please not be this Christmas,  I really want a DVD"

*  I really love my husband

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