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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Wishes

Yesterday I had a Christmas Quiz with my oldies.  I had a few questions about Santa and about the Nativity Story and even a few Chanukah questions for my Jewish Residents.  Here were some of the results...

Question:  "How does Santa get into the house to deliver the toys?"
Answer:  "Through the door."  (offcourse, why haven't Santa ever thought of this)

Question:  "On Christmas Eve what snack is placed out for Santa?"
Answer:  "Lemonade and Beef"
And when I told them that it's not the right answer...
"Sausage rolls?"

Question:  "What is the most famous Christmas Ballet?"
Answer: "Swan Lake"

Question:  "What is The Nutcracker" (hint, answer to previous question)
Answer:  "Something you use to crack nuts"

My personal favourite answer...
Question:  "Where is Santa's Workshop?"
Answer:  "In a manger"

Question:  "Who by tradition, should open the first present?"
Answer:  "Me!"

Merry Christmas Everybody


  1. Aah yes... Santa and the Elves, and the manger... Do they use the hay to make toys?