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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And the Oscar goes to. . . (Troue 2)

Oh, did I not mention that I recently received an Oscar?  Well, technically it's Jaco and me who received it, but still, I got to hold it in my hands and I am the most dramatic in the relationship:)

Let, me take you back to that evening the night of  05 November 2011... (yes, I also happen to get married on the same day)

The 2011 nominees for best foreign film are:

1. A story so brilliantly told about one man against many, fighting the battle to overcome loneliness in “A life without Charlene” – directed by Jaco Van Zyl

2.  An abstract old fashioned narrative of one woman’s struggle against unhappiness and a lifelong addiction to finding happiness in “ Not knowing Jaco” – directed by Charlene Richards    

3.  A modern day fairy-tale of commitment and truth with an enchanted account of two people’s journey into lifelong friendship and love in “Eternal Happiness” -  directed by Jaco Van Zyl and Charlene Van Zyl

And the Oscar goes to...

Jaco Van Zyl and Charlene Van Zyl for Eternal Happiness!!!!

*Love Actually Theme Music playing in the background...

*Dankie Christo en Lara @bestfriendsforever

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