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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

John Robert Lee

Since I've written quite a few blogs about my favourite patient and in Word of the Week, his identity was made known,  I guess I might as well introduce him formally to you:)

  • His name is John Robert Lee
  • He is one of the two John Robert Lee's (not related at all) in our frail care centre
  • He used to try and kiss me or slap my bum every day, but now it is only once a week
  • He has an amazing sense of humour
  • He is very clever and has a good general sense of knowledge
  • He loves music of all kinds
  • He is a little forgetful at times
  • He is a little bit inapropriate at times
  • He makes me laugh everyday and gives me endless writing material

This is a few funny incidents from the past week:

We started to make some Christmas Cards for family members on Monday afternoon.
John:  Why are we making Christmas cards?
OT:  Because it’s almost Christmas.
John:  No, Christmas is still long gone.
OT:  Look at the board John, today is the 28th of November.  Christmas is still coming.
John:  Hmmppfff…So is a goose.
OT:  What do you mean John?
John  Well, if Christmas is coming, so is a goose.  We just need to feed it fat before Christmas Day. 

We've been walking all around my workplace setting up Christmas Trees and John and his girlfriend was helping me out.  After a few minutes John started feeling tired.  (This normally goes along with some very heavy and loud breathing.)
OT:  Come on John we are almost there. 
John  I need to sit down.  Where’s the horse?
OT:  Why do you want a horse John?
John:  Because I want to sit on it.
OT:  Why would you want to sit on a horse?
John:  Well, it’s better to sit on a horse than to sit on nothing , isn’t it?

We were busy putting up the Christmas tree in one of the wards this afternoon, but it was very skew and we needed some rocks to keep it steady.  I asked John to try and hold the tree straight untill I come back with some rocks.  He agreed, but as I started walking away, I heard the following conversation:
John:  "Will you please hold this tree up straight?'
Mrs J:  "Off course I will"
John:  "I just want to help that young lady to fetch some rocks outside."
Mrs J:  "  I will keep the tree straight untill you come back"
John starts walking towards me.
John:  "I am coming to help you young lady"
OT:  "Thanks John, that will be lovely"
John take one last look over his shoulder back at the Christmas Tree. Startled he says:
John:  "Did you see that lady is using that tree to support herself?  I dont think that is a good idea"

This is the man of the moment :)

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