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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My job description...

Here follows some of the tasks I do on a regular basis.  Yes, I did study 4 difficult years to do these specific tasks...
  1. Pouring the tea:  I can pour tea and coffee for 25 people in 5 minutes.  I also smile while doing it.
  2. I am fully capable of decorating halls for Christmas Lunches, Carols by Candleligth and Valentine's Teas.
  3. The above mentioned activity includes:  designing menu's, invitiations, organizing light entertainment in the background, taking food to the tables and removing the plates and dirty glasses, decorating hats and putting them on diferent old people's heads for competitions, and smile the whole time while doing it.
  4. I make very difficult choices weekly about the movie that we will show this week...Casablanca/ any Julia Roberts movie/any musical (old) movie or Andre Rieu in some or other country (oh how they never ever get enough of Andre Rieu)
  5. I remind people daily what day of the week it is, where they live and sometimes who they are.
  6. I sometimes walk with a dog around the facility and see how people's faces light up when they realise there is a dog and it is not just me coming to persuade them to come to OT (for some actual OT groups)
  7. I sometimes assist in stock take in the shop, buying Jewish bread for the Shabbath, controlling a jumble sale of clothes, chairs etc of the old people who went to Heaven, as well as anything else you can possilby want me for.
  8. I pep talk the porters (who are all above 75 themselves) to convince more people to come to some of the actual OT groups.
  9. I pretend to know what I am talking about to OT students every now and then.  I also smile a lot and then they give me chocolates at the end of the block because it was so relaxing and stress free for them.
  10. 10% of the day consists of running away from or dodging a lick in the neck from my 90year old stalker.  Fortunately I never need to go convince him to come to my OT groups.
  11. 90% of the day I hug and kiss and listen to about a 160 old people, telling me the same stories as the day before, asking me when I am going back to school and saying how sweet it is that I am helping them out in my school holidays and reminding me exactly how much I love old people...
  12. Oh yes...and off course I smile continuously while doing all of the above :)


  1. LOVE IT! You can study 20 years but some people will just never have the old people gift like you do ;-)

  2. Thanks Nadolkie... I feel better now:)