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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I know I am on my farm when...

  • There is a sign in the kitchen saying "Welcome to the Nuthouse"
  • I wake up with cows mooing and a rooster telling me it is way too early to be awake
  • Everyone talks at the same time, all the time
  • There is very bad cellphone reception
  • I see photos of our childhood where we all wore exactly the same clothes (called The Christmas Collection)
  • My grandfather and grandmother comes to visit every night at exactly the same time and sits silently and amazed by all the activity going on around them
  • We eat non-stop (3 big meals and millions of snacks in between)
  • I see my "Thinking Spot" from my childhood (two trees that used to be small and have a space to sit in between to think, but now have grown up(just like me) and has no more space in between for me to sit and think
  • I walk out the door and can look into the future (it really feels like that when I can stare into endless fields stretching out forever in front of me)
  • Geese try to attack me at least once a day
  • We make the same jokes as 10 years before with each other and still laugh as if it is the first time we've ever made that joke
  • I can smell pig poo when I poke my nose out the door
  • We fight and tease and talk a lot of nonsense, but we all know we love each other more than life itself
  • We have quiet time with the Lord every evening (when you are younger and it is in your favorite TV program's time, this does not make you happy, but now I realise that this is one of the most special memories of my childhood and something I miss so much when I am not here)
  • There is 8 dogs (1 that can smile) and 45 cats (this number drops whenever a dog gets hold of one off them) and 1 horse (we used to have a Spanish donkey, but she sadly passed away)
  • I feel completely peaceful and at Home...


  1. Also, every morning starts by having about 15 rusks, a tale is amended with every telling, to add some colour and interest, and your fiancée consumes a pack of Grandpa's with every per weekend...

    But these little details, the ones you mentioned as well as a million others, are the good stuff that makes this home. You are a lucky girl.

    The love is palpable in the air, and the joy of each other's company makes me look forward to my next visit. Now, you've been there long enough. Get back to Joburg damnit...

  2. Ware Vrystaatse meisie!!

    Dis wat jou JOU maak!!

    Dis soooo mooi!!!

  3. :-).... Al gaan jy nou jou eie huisie kry weet ek jy sal altyd weer terug kom na ons toe, want sonder jou is ons nie die "Nuthouse" nie!!!! Jy kan maar vir Jaco saam bring want of hy nou wil of nie ek weet hy is klaar een van ons, en nou is daar geen omdraai kans nie..
    Ek is sooooooo baie lief vir jou en ek is baie TROTS om te kan se jy is my sussie en gelukkig is ek jou enigste sussie. Jy is die heel BESTE en daar is niemand soos jy nie en ek is baie lief vir jou...... :-)

  4. Ek voel spesiaal, want ek is omring met soveel spesiale mense...