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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dementia 103

Mrs S:  "Charlie, where is my piano?"
OT: (looks around in the room, no-one by the name of Charlie is in sight)  "I am not sure Mrs S"
Mrs S:  "Oh Charlie, you should have heard the music I played.  People were clapping hands, they were singing along, they were dancing...those were the days."
OT:  "That sounds wonderful Mrs S"
Mrs S:  "Charlie dear, no-one cares about us here.  I don't even know where the toilet is, I don't even know what I am doing here."
OT:  "I am so sorry to hear that Mrs S.  I can show you where the toilet is.  Would you like to go now?"
Mrs S:  "No Charlie, I need to play the piano now.  Where is my piano?"
OT:  "I'm not sure Mrs S.  Maybe it is at your home?"
Mrs S:  Do you think my dresses and hats are also there Charlie.  Oh, how I miss my dresses and hats"
OT:  I'm sure it is all there Mrs S"
Mrs S:  "Charlie, do you still love me like you used to?"
OT:  "Off course I do, Mrs S.  I love you a lot. Nothing has changed."
Mrs S:  I'm going to bed now Charlie.  I'll see you tomorrow.  Maybe I can play you some piano like the old days."
OT:  "Sounds wonderful Mrs S"

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