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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dementia 101

OT:  "Catch the balloon Mrs H..."
Mrs H:  "Oh lovey, I am worried, so so worried"
OT:  "What is wrong Mrs H, what is worrying you so much?"
Mrs H:  "Sweetie, they took me this morning without asking and I didn't have time to bring everything and my cupboard keys...I don't know where my cupboard keys are...I don't even know if my cupboard is locked"
OT:  I will go find your keys and lock your cupboard for you Mrs H. No worries"
Mrs H:  "Oh lovey, you are so sweet.  Thank you so much"
OT:  "It is no trouble at all Mrs H"
Mrs H:  "Oh and lovey?  Can you please look if anyone has any cake on them?"
OT:  "Sure Mrs H..."

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