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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mauritius - Take 2

It has taken me just more than five months to adjust and feel slightly more settled in Mauritius.  I thought that as soon as I got to Mauritius, I would start blogging every day and get to everything I never used to get to. But it seems that life and my always-meeting-new-people-and-making-life-extremely-busy-for-myself personality did not allow it.  

But here I am, sitting on our veranda, overlooking the beautiful ocean and a great view of a small, but very distinctive island called Coin de Mire, finally working on a new blog post.  

A lot has changed in my life...

  • I stopped working.  This was a major life-change in itself and I had no idea how much this would affect me before I was in the situation.  Most people probably think that I am living the dream.  Trapped on a beautiful island, with no work worries and woes.  But to me this was really hard.  First of all, I loved my job.  Yes, it had lots and lots of challenges and sometimes I wanted to run away, but there were so  many daily rewards of working with elderly people that made it worthwhile.  Also, it seemed as though everything I worked for over three years fell into place right before I left.  So, it was really hard to say goodbye to that and to a hundred or more older people, who had stolen my heart and who I cared for dearly.  And then I came to Mauritius and although everything was new and exciting, I just could not picture myself as the typical housewife that I now had to be. I realized that I was very much defined by my work and that it was going to take some time to just sit back and think about what more there is to me than just being an occupational therapist with a passion for geriatrics. So that is more or less where I am now.  The first few months, I ran around, trying to find work/volunteer work/anything that would keep me stimulated and although I found a lot of excellent opportunities, I also realized that it is okay not to get everything right from the beginning and that this time in Mauritius is actually the perfect opportunity for me to really find out what it is that I love doing and also what it is that I really want to do (besides work) and then do it.

  • I started horse-riding.  This happened almost by accident, but it is one of the best things I have ever done.  Horse-riding must be one of my favourite things at the moment.  When I sit on top of my horse (or rather on the stables' horse), I feel like I can do anything.  Until I realize that I actually really still suck at horse-riding off course, but it still is a great feeling.  And I think there is something very therapeutic in trusting a horse to not throw you off and a horse trusting you to steer him/her in the right direction.  My horse's name is PS.  I Love You and she is beautiful.  She is very stubborn and slow, but I am also stubborn and I can use a bit more "slow" in my life. 

  • We already moved since being in Mauritius.  Our home has lots of bugs and cracks and weird furniture and linen, but when you hear the ocean every night when you go to bed and when you have the most beautiful view every morning with your first coffee, then you don't complain. And you just feel very blessed.  

  • I joined a Writer's Circle.  So although I did not blog much, I did at least write something once a month.  It is very interesting what can be written when a topic is given - especially with topics such as Charm is my Middle name. 

  • I made some new friends which made my first few months a bit easier here in Mauritius.  Life is hard when you don't really have anyone to talk to, especially for a chatterbox like me.  

  • I learned a few words in Kreole and a few words in French.  I can ask someone whether they would like to go to dinner with me as well as say that I want to go to the beach.  I think that is enough to keep me going for a while.

So, that is it for now.  I hope to be writing more regularly from now on.  Mauritius is a beautiful place and there is lots to say about it.  For instance, did you know that Mauritius is a leaf-shaped island and the most populated one in Africa.  And five months ago, the island's population of almost a 1,253,000 people went up by two.  Our adventure begins :)

Au Revoir