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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I have really been enjoying making our house pretty.  Whether it is stylish or fashionable enough for the standards out there in the real world, doesn't matter to me.  What matters is that we look forward to going to OUR home every day after work.  (I try to ignore the fact that I have a kitchen so green that you are almost blinded every time you walk in there and focus on all the space I've got to cook and bake)

We are just hiring for a year or so in order to figure out where we want to stay and where we will be in 2 years time (becuase a lot can change in 2 years) before we buy a place.  This puts a big limit on your decoration ideas as you cannot really go wild with painting and wallpaper etc. 

But thanks to Tanya who is blogging over at Sticky Notes I discovered these awesome wall stickers from a South African company based in Centurion.  We ordered the dandelion and last night Jaco and I worked together as a team (here and there argueing a bit over what goes where) and we decorated our bedroom.  I absolutely love it :)  Thanks again Tanya...

It was really easy to apply and it is removable and does not damage your paint.  I can definately recommend it to anyone...


  1. Our Dandelion!

    Anyway, I should mention and point out that my beautiful wife has been doing a great job decorating our place. It looks great.

  2. It is awesome!!!!! I you really have a beautiful home...

  3. I also love dandelions :)
    Dankie Laartjie Blaartjie, julle huis is vir my so pragtig. Inspire my om ons sin ook so mooi te maak...
    Dankie my Engel. Mwha