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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Tuesday

Today is a happy Tuesday.  For no particular reason.  I got up at 5, so I am actually really tired, I had to postpone a staff support group, because I wasn't prepared and normally this would upset me a lot.  But today I just feel happy.  I went on an inspiring Alzheimer's course, I have a church course again tonight, which I am really enjoying and which is teaching me to cross some boundaries (although it also makes me realise that I have crossed several boundaries already).  I'm also feeling really blessed with a wonderful husband and wonderful friends.

So Happy Tuesday everyone :)  Have a good one...


  1. made my day..not having such a good one...

  2. Sorry oor jou slegte daggie Laartjie. Maar die vingers wat soen is genoeg om enige iemand se dag op te beur :)

  3. I like the girl on the motorcycle...