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Friday, March 9, 2012

AWB oldies

We have an old (very smart) lady with Alzheimer's at our frail care centre. Her husband was a minister in the parliament and she is what we would call in Afrikaans:  "'n Stoere Boere Tannie".

The following conversation took place between her and a caregiver one day:

Caregiver:  "Hallo Mrs S"
AWB Tannie:  "You!" (pointing her finger at the caregiver in a very serious matter)
Caregiver:  "Gulp"
AWB Tannie:  "Do you want to get hit today or tomorrow?"
Caregiver:  thinking carefully  "Tomorrow please Mrs S"
AWB Tannie:  "Today is your lucky day..."  mutters to herself while walking away

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  1. lol:) got to love those friendly old tannies;)

  2. What the hell?! Haha! You should play her some music to calm her... perhaps some Lil' Wayne or Eminem... or even better, Die Antwoord! :-P

  3. I do love my job - enven if it is just for these priceless moments :)
    Sjo Tanya, that sounds like some lovely options for an old person...Gonna give it a try