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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Men talk more than Women

Mrs N:  "I have met this funny old man in my ward and befriended him" (She told me this the day before)
OT:  "That's nice Mrs N"
Mrs N:  "He has been chasing after me for years"  (He moved in last week)
OT:  "What are you doing about it?"
Mrs N:  Well, I try to do nothing at the moment.  I just listen to him, he really needs to talk to someone"
OT:  "That is nice of you"
Mrs N:  "I think men need to talk more than women"
OT:  "Why do you think so Mrs N?" (genuinely interested in this theory)
Mrs N:  "Well, if you take this man for instance;  he likes to talk to me and he's got a big face and his name is Bob"
OT:  "Oh, I see. That makes a lot of sense"

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