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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Word of the Week

I have decided that I want to broaden my vocabulary (English and Afrikaans) and therefore from now on, I will post a new word that I have learnt (I am planning to get to know the dictionary a little bit better) and it's meaning on my  blog:)

Since this is my first week back at work and the old people started entertaining me from the moment I stepped back in to their world, I've decided to share a new word from one of my patients.  His name is John.

New word:


From what I could gather, the meaning of this word is:  Something between ridiculous and reality

I thought this is a nice contamination and can be used in various situations.  See if you find an opportunity this week to use my new-found word in a conversation.

*I also decided to add a picture of the sketch he made of himself and also of me.  Pretend that you don't see his name in the pic.  It might make issues for me regarding confidentiality :)


  1. Ballooney - CP kid in Soweto
    I think it means "silly person" because he was pointing at a silly person when saying it?

  2. Ek hou van Ballooney :) Ek gaan dit definitief gebruik as ek iemand sien wat ek dink nie so cool is nie...