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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Word of the Week

My random friend blogging over at Chronicles of a Random Mind recently started using the word darkle (especially to describe a few things I've either said or blogged about).  I thought this was an awesome make-up word ( I also thought that she invented the word doodling...I mean who says doodle?), but apparently this is a real one also and she suprised me with her amazing vocabulary as usual.  She apparently learned this word from my other random friend (Let's call him Lalasa) who has an even bigger vocubulary and he uses words like curdle and rapacious in everyday conversations.  He should start blogging.  It would be utterly delightful. But it might be difficult between being a physio, tutoring at university and oh:  being the most beautiful chocolate model man I have ever seen:)  But that might be something I can talk about in another blog.

 So here it is:


dar·kle verb \ˈdär-kəl\


Definition of DARKLE

intransitive verb

1a : to become clouded or gloomy b : to grow dark

2: to become concealed in the dark

Origin of DARKLE

back-formation from darkling

First Known Use: 1800

Rhymes with DARKLE


I thought it is so cute that they added what rhymes with darkle... So, I've decided to write a little poem.

"when I go to bed at night
the strangest thing happen and this might give you a fright
overnight I start to darkle

So I wake up grumpy as hell
then I look at my love and I look at the sun and I think 'oh well'
I might try to rather sparkle"

It's still a working progress :)

Have a good day full of sparkle, but with just enough darkle...


  1. Hahaha! only nads! we shall all be adding this new word into our vocab! :)

  2. Cute poem!! You have managed to undarkle me...