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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A cause worth fighting for...

Since I became an anti-rhino poaching activitist (rhino poaching-it's real), I have apparently been recognised in the world of people who try to change the world everyday.  I have literally received an email everyday:  whether it is about freeing a big blue whale that got hurt and that they wanted to keep in some or other aquarium of some sort, or helping hungry children in Ethiopia or even helping some or other Vietnamese ex-politician/minister that is in jail. I was getting very gloomy at all these problems that we are faced with all over the world.  At first I signed every petition and looked what else I could do, but soon I realised that I am going to drive myself mad.  That I am not really an activitist-tree-hugging-kind-of-person and that I probably just need to focus on the rhino-poaching business (by the way:  yesterday's newspapers reported that 52 rhino's have been poached since January 2012.  There is also some big things going on with the game rangers that have been striking in between:  read more about it here)

So, I was about to give up hope to try and make a difference in the world (especially with things happening at my work where I also couldn't make a difference for somebody even though I tried everything)... 
But then I got this email and something inside me said:  "Let's do this" 

Hi Charlene,

The Muppets was one of the year's most critically

acclaimed films, proving that the characters continue

to unite generations almost 60 years after their

creation. But now, the Muppets won't be allowed to

perform their Oscar-nominated original song at this

year's Academy Awards.

Tell The Oscars that the Muppets deserve the

spotlight just like everyone else!


When he heard about the Academy's ridiculous

decision, popular blogger Perez Hilton of

PerezHilton.com decided to take action.

He writes on his petition: "Since The Muppets have

brought so much joy to the hearts of cinema enthusiasts

everywhere for decades, we are OUTRAGED they won't have

their chance to perform 'Man or Muppet!'"

 The Muppets have not only helped to spread

happiness; their recent film also promotes the

importance of environmental conservation. There is no

reason they shouldn't perform on The Oscars.

Join Perez Hilton and tell the Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and Sciences to let the Muppets perform.

Thanks for taking action!


So, join me in signing the petition.  With the Oscars around the corner, we don't have much time! 

"We Want the Muppets!"

To use a slightly adapted quote from Dr Suess: "A person is a person, even if he is a muppet"

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  1. Okay, so Will Ferrel and Jack Black have performed at the Academy Awards on at least 2 occasions. Yet the Muppets, not allowed? Cruel world indeed...