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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My 4-Year-Anniversary-Fiance

Yesterday was our four year anniversary...Seeing that the story was told at my Kitchen Tea - I can also mention that it was four years since the first time we kissed :)

Things I have learnt about my fiance in these past four years:

  • He likes girls with big eyes (but mostly me)

  • He likes girls with dark hair, but he's got a weak spot for Naomi Watts

  • He loves and introduced me to Wes Anderson movies (he loves so many other directors and movies, but I mention Wes Anderson, because he is weird and random and has a dark sense of humour and I think it symbolizes our relationship)

  • He pretends to be a turtle lying on his back when I am feeling blue  - it makes me laugh every time

  • He has two different colour eyes

  • His favourite band of all times is Led Zeplin, but he also love The Cure

*Fun fact:  When I listen to Led Zeplin's song:  Mysty Mountain Hop, I feel like I am in a movie

  • He sees art in golf courses and he would one day like to design one

  • He reads to me if I can't fall asleep

*It happens to mostly be from Moby Dick as this gets me to fall asleep the easiest

  • We are complete opposites, but we do compliment each other

*This is not a representation of our actual sizes

  • He will make me coffee every morning even though I am very grumpy when I wake up

  • He knows more about everything than anyone I know

  • His favourite series is Battlestar Galactica, but Friday Night Lights has an emotional effect on him

  • He makes a lot of silly jokes - especially if I am sad or angry

  • He is my Vampire and I am his Pixie

  • I want to grow old with him

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  1. You are too amazing my Love!

    I will prepare a response to your astute observations. Suffice to say for now, that there are not a pair of eyes in the world as beautiful as yours...