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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Laugh of the day:)

Had to put this one up, even though it is not very appropriate:)

OT:  "J, are you ready to go to exercises."
J:  "I think so."  (stands still)
OT:  "So, let's go.  We are going to be late"
J:  (stands still)
OT:  J, come on please!
J:  (gives a looooooong, very loud fart; is startled by the sound he makes and then says)  "I just farted?"
OT:  "Yes J, you did."
J:  (laughing)  "Well, well well..."
OT:  "Okay, let's go.  Are we taking the scenic route, or are we going to go in the elevator?"
J:  "Let's go in the elevator"
OT:  "As long as you don't fart" (smiling)
J:  (looking quite serious)  "I never fart more than once a day."

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