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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun sayings...

So, I've been extremely busy these past few weeks and my blogging definately suffered as a result...

Will definately try to get a few going before the wedding, as I will not be blogging on honeymoon:)

Here is a little light post about a few fun quotes from my work place this past week:

Patient 1/Inappropriate old man:  (reading my shirt - all the males seem to do it, not one female patient bothered to see what is written all over my chest?)  "Love is reading between the lines?  Is that really so?"
OT:  "I guess so.  It has to be if my shirt says so" 
Patient 1/Inappropriate old man::  (to one of his girlfriends, he has two these days)  "Lovely lady, can you read between the lines?"
Patient 2/First girlfriend of patient 1:  "Not without my glasses on"

Volunteer/Fixated-on-knitting-old-lady:  "When is M coming back to finish all my knitted articles? (she can only knit, constantly all the time, without any stop and apparently not stitch together or stuff any of her own toys)
OT:  "I've told you she is really sick, she is on oxygen the whole day and she is not doing good"
Volunteer/Fixated-on-knitting-old-lady:  "I am sure she can use her hands even if she cannot breath"
OT:  Speechless

Porter/Soaking up the sun"Can I ask you a question Darling"
OT:  "Offcourse..."
Porter:  "Would you think I've got a swollen head if I describe myself as a bronze Adonis?"
OT:  Speechless

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