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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why I love old movies...

Well, I actually love most old things... 

Fun Fact nr 1:   I work in an old age home
Fact Fact nr 2:  My wedding theme is Vintage

But besides these facts I just really love old movies.  I love how magical everything looks in an old movie.  I love how innocently things are presented in old movies.  I love the dialogue, the humor, the facial expressions, the language...

I wish I can go back to that time and dress like those people and be part of that magical moments portrait in those movies... 

So here is a few pictures from such old movies (that may or may not feature on my wedding day)...

The Seven Year Itch

The Big Sleep

 Swing Time

Singing in the Rain

Rebel Without A Cause


Mary Poppins

All About Eve 

Gone With The Wind


City Lights

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do. 
 And if you don't then in the words of Clark Gable from Gone With the Wind: 

"Frankly my Dear, I don't give a damn..."

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed that! Love the old films (perhaps pictures are a more descriptive term) just as much.

    Plus, Lauren Bacall was a babe...