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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old and deaf

Mrs C:  "I want my R2 back!"  shouting into the lounge where the group is happening...
Therapist:  "What happened Mrs C?
Mrs C:  "I put R2 in the payphone and no-one answered and now I want my money back!"
Therapist look at payphone...only R1.50  showing at the top.
Therapist:  Mrs C, are you sure no-one picked up, because it shows that 50c was already taken.
Mrs C:  I'm telling you, no-one picked up!  Their answering machine came on, so there is no-one home!"  Muttering not too softly to herself..."These young people, they know nothing"
Kind Nurse:  "What is wrong?"
Therapist:  Mrs C phoned her family and then the answering machine went on and now the phone took her money"
Kind Nurse:  "Don't worry Mrs C, here is R2 for you"  (taking it out of her own pocket)
Mrs C:  "My change!  Finally!  I will come back later to phone and I don't have to speak to the answering machine."
Kind Nurse:  "What is this answering machine"
Therapist:  "It is like a voicemail"
Kind Nurse:  "Oh, you got the voicemail Mrs C"
Mrs C hits the Kind Nurse.  "I don't have a boyfriend!!!!"
She shuffles off, leaving behind the Therapist and the Kind Nurse minus R2


  1. Very cool:)

    Your days are filled with way more interesting things than mine. But I still won't want to do your job...

  2. Hahaha!! Old people- they can really make you laugh! :)

  3. Hehehehehe this is very funny Lienkie! I don't get why Mrs C said she doesn't have a boyfriend after the nurse said voicemail? Am I missing something or was it just an old people thing?

  4. The old lady is deaf Nadolkie:) So she heard boyfriend when the nurse said voicemail...he he