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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Early Morning Proposal...

Therapist:  "John*, what are you still doing in bed?  It's past 9 already."
John:  "I am sick today" 
Therapist:  "What kind of sickness?" 
John:  "The kind that makes me want to sleep.  Do you want to sleep here in bed with me?"
Therapist:  "No thanks John"
John:  "Will  you marry me?"
Therapist:  "No thanks John, I am getting married soon"
John:  "That's allright, you can just get a divorce from him and then come back to me"
Therapist:  "I want to be married to him, but thanks for asking John"
John:  "When are you getting married?"
Therapist:  "The 5th of November"
John:  "Oh, but that's still a lot of time for me to break you up"
Therapist:  "Come on John, get up and get dressed.  Let's go to OT"
John:  "Okay, but only if you will marry me"
Therapist:  "John, I told you I cannot marry you.  Get ready so long, I am quickly going to fetch Mrs M*"
John:  "I guess I will just have to marry Mrs M then..."

*John is an 85 year old man with no teeth
* Mrs M is an 80 year old woman who always want to share her blanket with John and gave him bright yellow shoe laces the other day when his broke
*  Mrs R who is not mentioned here is John's girlfriend who is waiting for him in OT


  1. John appears to be on the road to a knuckle sandwich!