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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Street photography 2 (Mauritius)

My version of street photography (or let's say my attempt).  I decided to go explore the streets of Grand Baie and even though I felt a bit like a stalker and really did not always have the confidence to take the photos I really wanted to, I managed to get a few that captured some of the emotion on the streets...

Roti lady in black 
My favourite photo of the day: this beautiful lady owns a roti stand I just love the look on her face.  She has this tiny smile on her face, knowing that she was photographed (I did ask for permission for this one), but somehow continuing with life as if this is a regular thing... 

Roti lady in colour

A bouquet of plastic bottles 
A very typical thing to see in Mauritius, rubble and dogs.  In this photo the rubble is actually not rubble and supposedly used to keep dogs away.  This photo could suggest either that it works or doesn't work... 

Peeping dog 
Dogs are everywhere in Mauritius and often either on the roofs of the houses or on a ledge or wall, just looking at the passers-by.  

Dog without owner
A big reality on our little island - there are so many dogs, and most of them are stray, hungry and sometimes dying.  Unfortunately I struggled with the lighting of the photo (as it was getting quite dark) and therefore the quality is not great.  This picture makes me a bit sad.  This dog is surrounded by houses and people, yet belongs to no-one.  Like so many other dogs out there.  

Little tourist girl

This is again not a great photograph, but somehow this little girl's face (who was trying to keep up with her very  touristy family) together with the bits of green and yellow makes me happy. 

Vintage letterbox black and white

Vintage letterbox in colour

 Princess on the playground

This little girl was hanging out in a very randomly placed playground and was very excited to be photographed and decided to strike a pose.  This pose is very popular in Mauritius (or maybe all around) and I got a few of them if someone spotted me taking photos...

Just chilling

What I love about Mauritian people is that they can have a social gathering almost anywhere.  Often we go to the beach and the local people are having huge gatherings in the parking lot.  I personally love a coffee-shop culture, but I must say I envy them their ability to create that atmosphere that I look for in coffee shops, anywhere they decide to have a chat.  

Lost in conversation

Street bird

This bird-feeder/bath is in one of the streets, not belonging to any house.  



I do like looking at the architecture of buildings and trying to photograph the parts that I find beautiful.  The staircases photo has a vintage feel to it and it is actually the same house that the letterbox belongs to.  

Little boxes

This last photo was actually not taken in Grand Baie but from our balcony in Pereybere.  I just love the symmetry and it makes me think of the song little boxes.  

That is all for now, but I hope to go explore the streets of Mauritius soon again. And to have more confidence and hopefully in time much more technique...

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