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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

So long and thanks for all the fish...

Today I decided to say goodbye to Facebook.  It is a scary and yet completely freeing feeling at the same time.  I eagerly await to see what I will be able to do with all the time that I used to scroll down posts of people who are really not my friends, but somehow through virtual reality we know way too much of each other's lives (this is not saying that some of my best friends are not on Facebook, but we actually have real conversations in the real world).

Here are some of the reasons that fueled my decision:  

  • First thing in the morning I used to wake up and think about the new day and what it will hold for me and thank God.  Now I scroll through posts to see what is new in other people's lives. 
  • I used to love reading and writing poetry, now I watch videos of dogs and cats and other ridiculous things.  
  • I hear way too many opinions of people who really don't understand things or care to understand things, but Facebook gives them a voice, so why not use it. 
  • I started linking my self-worth to the amount of likes my photos of posts get instead of finding it in the right places (again, in the real world).  
  • I am really tired of this "virtual fairytale" many people potrait their lives to be (me included I am sure).  We are not real enough on Facebook, because we are scared to be judged.  And in this very judgy world, I can't blame people.  But life is not always happy even though we only share the happy moments on Facebook.  And I think I can find more joy around me than trying to find it in other people's "happy moments".  
  • I am so scared that someday something wonderful will happen (or perhaps already happened) and I missed it, because I was looking at my phone instead of the world around me...