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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Times are changing

So, today I was feeling really blue...
It might be wedding jitters, it might  be work-related or it might be the fact that I saw Mufasa die in 3D last night...

However, I needed something to spice up my day.

So I revamped my whole blog  (Eish)

Don't know if I like it yet...

Let me know what you think.

It's the same ME

I just got different colours:)


  1. Wow! You've had a busy day!

    And it looks great; I love it!

    Ps. I told you he was going to die...

  2. Awesome new blogs friendy!!! Love them all and digging the new look!

  3. I like the new look Lienkie. Keeping it fresh!

  4. Thanks my peeps:) I'm starting to like it myself. Trying to be a bit less emo since it is banned in a few countries like Russia...