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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Glorious Sunset

There was once a sunset... so glorious, so splendid, so magical that a little girl was completely enchanted by it. 
"Where do all the colours come from Daddy?" 
"It was painted by the Great Artist"
"Why is the sun so big and beautiful?" 
"So that we can see it clearly and enjoy it and thank the Great Artist"
"Why is it going down Daddy?" 
"All things in life has an ending Little One, but usually it means the start of something else"
"But what will the ending of this day mean?"
"That a new night has started and nature and people can rest and recover"
"Will it be dark then?"
"Yes it will be dark - except for the light of the moons and the stars"
"I don't like the dark Daddy.  Why does it have to be dark?"
"I think the Great Artist knew, that it takes a certain amount of darkness for us human beings to appreciate the light"
"I do love the light"
And she drank in the sunset while feeling safe in her Father's arms....

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