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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Living Change...

I have always been a dreamer and a doer (yes, this is a recognized word).  I do go through some stages where I am a bit more of the one than the other, but I definitely do not fit in just the one category. 
Some people might think that this is a perfect combination, because not only can I can come up with the ideas, but I can also be the one to actually implement them.  The reality of this however is that I often dream big and end up doing little.  Or more accurately, I actually do too much of too many different things and end up starting a lot of things, but not finishing them.
There is obviously a lot of underlying things like time management and perseverance that I need to identify and work on.  I also need to find a way of loosing the art of procrastination. But let's make it sound more glamorous than that for a moment...
Maybe I am just too creative to focus and complete one thing at a time and I need to stimulate my mind with many different things all at once.  Sure I end up getting overwhelmed by everything in the end, but it does keep my life interesting at all times.  (This could be the reason why I am an occupational therapist/volunteer/drama teacher/horse rider  at the moment). 
Whatever the truth might be, I have decided that I want to break this habit of mine a little bit.  I am starting my own company and this is one of the biggest steps (consisting of many many small steps) that I have taken in my life.  I do not want this company to be one of the many side projects I always have going on, because I really believe in what it can do. The name of the company will be Living Change.  Even though the company is about Person Centred Care and not so much about making changes in your own personal life, I have decided to start making some small changes in the mean time. 
I have a box full of unfinished projects.  I have a list in that box with even more little/big things that I keep on postponing.  I am going to challenge myself to start ticking of some items of that list.  I am not going to give myself a time challenge as this will probably lead to this series of blog posts that I will write on my finished projects, to be just another item written on my list of unfinished projects. 
But I am starting today and not tomorrow like I usually tell myself.  I am going to live the change I want to see in my life and break some old habits as I go along.

Project 1:  Finishing my previous blog series. Paris in Black and White.

Note to self:  Do not check social media for the next two hours while working on the first project.

Note to everyone else.  Don't judge me too much if this project ends up on that list too.

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