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Friday, April 20, 2012

Like a Virgin

As I was a part of this very funny conversation, I decided to copy it just as it is from my special random friend's blog.  You can check out the original here.

After a waiter (who calls himself the wine specialist) explained the wine list, in great depth, to the table, he began to get annoyed when he realised the table was probably not going to order any wine. To ease the tension the following comments were made:

Diner 1: I'd like the 2003 virgin.

Diner 2: I think she is a little young.

 I will not confirm whether I was Diner 1 or Diner 2, but most people that know me will draw their own conclusions :)

Ps. Is this how a virgin is suppose to look like?

*Madonna from Like a Virgin

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